PHO705: MA Photography Award

I’m pleased today 1 June 2020 to record my having been awarded the Falmouth University degree Master of Arts Photography with Merit.

I joined the Positions and Practice Module run by the Course Leader on 4 June 2018 and now 2 years later I’ve satisfactorily completed all of the modules and have finished the course.

I thank everyone for contributing to the learning experience and for providing critique for what became an unusual abstract surreal practice which I have thoroughly enjoyed developing.

In the second block of the Final Major Project, I took my work public as a book and have an exhibition pending release from lockdown hopefully later in 2020.

As I closed in on hand in I began a number of short courses to consolidate and extend the research done during the MA Photography course. Hand in took priority, and afterward I took a few weeks rest.

I’ve since returned to these genetics courses. My “research interest” was in human biology and in particular the power cells or mitochondria. I’ve now spread the net wider to learn more of evolutionary biology while gaining access to databases of DNA data including my own genome with a view to creating images related to cutting edge science.

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