PHO705: Post FMP Activity

The purpose of these Post FMP Photography blog posts is to do with keeping up the momentum.


Some items needed packing away.


For example, given the nature of the project of photographing wounds or minor trauma and the undertaking to keep identity private and especially with the medical-style implications there was something more to do there.

Photo Vault as the selected method has been used to secure access to the work. This way there is no possibility of showcasing the raw work by accident, for example, if showcasing other work.

FMP Peer to Peer Meetings

With another post-grad, (Vincent you know who) we’ve rounded up a group that is interested in the meetings – not everyone is for various reasons of choice. We’ve probably grown and sustained the Cros FMP Group due to the need to remain connected during a COVID-19 lockdown.

The photographers are all a beautifully creative bunch and are intent on doing well. Although my Forth cohort is moving on two of us have been invited to continue attending these Peer to Peer meetings. Future meetings had already been scheduled. There is a core of photographers we met from our carousel modules. Two cohorts forward of us have effectively moved on but can still be involved. The two cohorts that have followed us into FMP are more closely associated for now. 

A New Job

I have a new prospect as a proofreader that was discussed with a journal editor a month or so back. It is time to report back and see if my volunteering will be taken up. I’m as good as the next person at leaving a trail of typos, particularly when time-pressured but am highly tuned into spotting others’ errors.


Some things are at the idea stage.

Instagram Story

I’ll post a story on Instagram. This will require learning some skills in Adobe AfterEffects. I was going to sign up with Suzannah on the Falmouth courses but my selections of choice were popular and oversubscribed. I have my own fallback position so no problem. You have to ask why do a story? The answer is in parts:

  • close off the build-up of publicity that had led up to the postponed exhibition. That’s just for completeness.
  • announce my impending freedom to reconnect with the photographic communities I was so immersed in until starting the MA studies. I’d rather be confident in knowing my outcome before this step.
  • the post lockdown promotion of the postponed exhibition

Photo Art Website

This is work in progress and will require finishing.

Ongoing Blog

Blogging has become a way of life this past two years and for me has been a successful development as a great deal of experience was gained. What by chance worked in my cohort was the future scheduling of posts based on the FMP week by week structure of Block 1 and 2. Each post became due and dropped into view and spurred me into action if I’d not already blogged in advance.

As long as there is something to say this blog should continue. I feel this would be better than letting the newfound ability wither with time.

Remaking and making books

I want to take my FMP Book to a more commercial level of offering that can be distributed. I also plan to expand the book practice to some other topics. In the queue I have:

  • The Cosh Brothers – the story of our lives. Illustrate, print and make.
  • Ed Ruscha challenge – Book 1 Padlocks. Re-print and hand bind
  • Ed Ruscha challenge – Book 2 Chains. Print and hand bind
  • Ed Ruscha challenge – Book 3 Phone Entry Systems Print and hand bind

Having finally learned a critical amount of the capabilities of Adobe InDesign, given this is was the third involvement since September 2018, I’d like to keep up this skill. There is the possibility with more practice to expand into an Adobe qualification.

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