PHO703: Surfaces and Strategies

Surfaces and Strategies Student Introduction

Hello, I’m Michael Turner, a student of the Falmouth Flexible MA Photography course. I’m moving into my second year having started in the May 2018 intake. Within the industry, I’m Studio Manager at Trade Secrets Live.

I’ve been published in a London Group photobook comprising 19 images and the quote. I group exhibited twice in London during 2018.


My portfolio is in the abstract. I re-present minor bodily injury, normally ignored, in order to identify with the discovery of lost ancestors who continued fighting in the Great War despite injury and wounding. I trace shared mitochondrial DNA connections as this is what converts nutrients to our bodily energy and I use this to express a connection through the glow that our bodies emanate. In some relations the exact same mitochondria that powers us both now and then.

Week 1 to 12 Surface and Strategies Reflection

Week 1 to 12 Surfaces and Strategies Contextualisation

Week 1 to 12 Development Project

Coursework (including reflections)

Week 1 Strategies of Looking

Week 2 Strategies of Mediation

Week 3 Strategies of Sharing

Week 4 Strategies of Freedom

Week 5 Three Surfaces Curation

Week 6 Guidance Installations

Week 7 Guidance Photobooks

Week 8 Guidance Workshops

Week 9 Production WIP

Week 10 Production WIP

Week 11 Production WIP

Week 12 Showtime