PHO703: Week 10 Production WIP

Week 10 Reflection

Is it just me that reaches an epiphany so close to the end of each module?

In suddenly getting how to resolve the visual language in my portfolio the concern is I’ve gone too far in introducing archive images.

I’ve avoided costly stock pricing and user licensing issues. I declare reuse of a key image. Archive and abstract imagery intermingle and need to be listed out for marking. I’ll take advice as I’ve noticed a wavering in course advice depending on the content, who you speak to and some inconsistency when clarifying and reclarifying.

Week 10 Individual Tutorial

I’d strengthened my research into the subject of place, the spiritual and in science and art to help contextualise my portfolio.

I saw how context fits in book format especially having looked again at the book (exhibition catalogue) produced for Repetition is Truth Via Dolo Rosa, by painter Rachel Howard. Her photo, an interview and an essay with contextualising black and white images. Then there is the bulk of her abstract paintings and contact sheet layout with some text.

I had something prepared that worked over two portfolio web pages but it needed to be one. This was soon spotted in the discussion and there was an epiphany as an archive image and an abstract were paired. Visually, the images talked. I’ve since gone to an archive source and my project archive processed image style and sequenced a smattering of these throughout the web page and changed the template accordingly. I’ve tried to introduce a rhythmical visual style. If it works there are exciting possibilities for book page layout.

For the usual reasons it is taking a big risk, introducing fresh material this late in the module. The risk has been taken and some scope remains for review and rethink/amendment. I have to work smart to prevent making and remaking of material outputs (new book dummy, exhibition in a box and large prints).

figure: Portfolio 7 Aug 19

The contact sheet is a mix of reworked archive images and modernist abstract expressionistic images. Visually the intention is to provide the viewer with a way into the work.

Week 10 Peer Webinar

In my experience of past modules, peer to peer review works well as an extension of the weekly webinars.

It will be late in the week before I can record a draft Oral Presentation, a review of which would be the most useful thing at the moment.

The portfolio has progressed to having the context added to aid the viewer. 

Making is on the plan to be done over the next couple of days (book and remake the exhibition in a box).

Realistically, Monday 13 Aug is best or earliest for me. 

I’d be happy to discuss the WIP Portfolio before then.

Week 10 Introduction Keep Going

A summary of my plans for this week.

I began the week making sure I covered off the activities with 3 Aug closing date as this stops the build-up or backlog. It also helped with CRJ maintenance  

I started writing for the Oral Presentation, but my mind got challenged over context, decision making and risk. With Abstract practice, it takes time to gather knowledge and gain experience. I resolved a creative block, in making abstract landscapes while also having gone to Arles 2019. Work thankfully started flowing but not soon enough for Landings 2019.

Update on Wednesday

Attend Monday Office Hours. Done. There was an enlightening discussion about built-in pressures of the module. And a helpful mention of decision making and risk-taking which we are encouraged to do.


Process enough images to start my edit. Done.

Conclude research/implement (more) visual context to abstract work to aid the viewer. Ready for review.


Do some rephotography in the spirit of the module. Done

Read more history of photography and concerning The Spiritual in Art (Kandinsky) to contextualise my work in the abstract (Rexer and MoMA). Ongoing

Write-up in CRJ on rephotography and context  


Make my second book. 

Make my second portable exhibition in a box.

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