PHO703: Week 9 Production WIP

Week 9 Module Leader Office Hours (Bridging)

I had considered and finally decided to build an installation in a box and I took it to crit in Arles. It provides a tactile presentation – viewers pick up mounted 2 by 3 Zink prints (Lifeprint Zink links to server and 20sec videos not used at the moment as this is new work and is not yet fully considered.

The viewer unavoidably is exposed to the graphics/visuals of the public for commercially marketed products. This is part of my strategy to bridge to the viewer.

The commercial side of DNA testing is public, we can all participate where it is of interest.

I have waited for results and now have artefacts the viewer can touch. A visual introduction occurs by using the installation box.

First left hand image is of Healing.

Categories installed

  • Ghost images
  • Landscape / seascape
  • Glow images
  • Inner space / outer space

Week 9 Webinar

I’m resolved to concentrate on making enough abstract work for my WIP Portfolio.

I decided to enrol in two sessions this week, one with my tutor to give an update on visuals progress and making since we met last a fortnight earlier (the Arles visit intervened): then I had a second session this time with our Modernist Abstract photography specialist.

Very recently my work has come under increasing fire from non abstract practitioners. And again the general demands of the course call for finished work ahead of the Final Major Project Modules.

My intent with an abstract portfolio is to work on a plane that crosses over between photography and art. It is more demanding intellectually and naturally more difficult for many to access. Imagine a Shakespeare work being reduced to a boy fancied a girl and their families fell out. Easier to understand yes, but such a loss, I say.

As owners of our work we obviously maintain artistic control over our practice. As for us being increasingly challenged, a springboard diver performing, does not accept a late input from their coach to add a somersault to the run up.

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