PHO705: Theme Change Military to Place / Flora

The project direction is such that an alternative figurative image direction is being sought. At the end of PHO703 a resolved body of work was created.

An attempt is is now to be made to move on from Warfare to a theme of place. The purpose is to create new work for an existing practice whose intent is Identification with people and place past.

The place is that of coastal inland where the landscape and seascape will have altered little other than the ruin of abandoned buildings.

So to enhance abstract work using images of the fauna and flora of today as representation of that experienced by ancestors.

Photographs made now span or collapse into a single moment a timespan of over 100 years. This is the same for a Biology of female transmission of the highly stable mitochondrial DNA. The two themes form a parallel, strengthening the identification of specific family members today with specific others in the past.