Abstract Photography

From a taught session on photographers who practice abstract photography. A practical interlude took place. This post serves simply as a reminder of a day’s education.

There was a lot to do with names in photography with examples of their work or their book publication was mentioned.

Albert Dros – abstract landscape

Michel Kenna – long exposure landscape

William Egglestone – Egglestone’s Guide

Aaron Siskind

Minor White

Cig Harvey

Edwards Weston – Day books of Edward Weston

Eric Meala

Practical session images

Jocelyn Lee

Man Ray

Thomas Ruff – Transforming Photography

Wolfgang Tillmans – Tillmans 2017

Valerie Belin – Pris Pictet

Daido Moriyama

Previous attendee Stan Farrow FRPS had his fellowship panel shown ‘Graffitti’

Charlotte Cotton

Example images made during the practical session:

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