PHO705: Week 10 Reflection

Week 10 completed whilst still getting over the after-effects of flu.

Another research week (with some photographs post-processed).

Research into Biology has somewhat taken priority.

Reading continues with Photography and the Optical Unconscious (Smith, 2017).

There remains a backlog of reading material with Phantasmagoria (Warner, 2006); The Weird and the Eerie (Fisher, 2016), Memory of Place (Trigg, 2013); the Body Keeps the Score (Kolk, 2015).

Competition between themes meant a switch for Phenomenology to mtDNA. Time did need to be spent on visual research of mtDNA. There is a need to switch back to the Phenomenological in Week 11.

There is a growing need to further develop photographs in the digital darkroom if work is to be shown. The last update was in PHO705: Week 9 Reflection.


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