PHO705: Week 7 Reflection

My reflections on Week 7

Due to catching influenza (twice now since Unseen Amsterdam) there will be a brief reflection given here and more detailed account in Week 8. This makes sense as research was continuous throughout the fortnight period.

On reflection, it was interesting to see how much ground was covered as self-directed study/research and other coursework.

Week 7 blog posts

Wellcome Museum and Library Reading Room visit. There is a bit more visual research to write-up relating to stained colour images although the point is made succinctly in the text.

Guest Lecture with Laura Pannack. Laura’s website was viewed before the lecture. Afterwards, a podcast was replayed title: episode 006 Laura Pannack. Here Laura is in an interview with Ben Smith for the Small Voice podcast.

Omnis Cellula ex Cellula presents a visual app on Genetics viewed through Augmented Reality AR. There were other independently found smartphone apps and a recheck shows there to be an extensive list.

Some apps look as if they might support rather well, the binge in video watching on genetics. Binge-watching is far from a normal practice but tied in with resting with flu.

Guest Lecture with Nick Dunmur AoP. We were given cause to seriously review our Critical Research Journal contents as the blog face out to the public.

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