PHO705: Week 6 Reflection

Reflections on Week 6

The activity was wide-ranging this week and covered the end to end process of the proposal review through, development of the project, research-driven work and some image-making related to contextualisation with a focus on genetics.

In terms of Learning Outcome L06, it is now clear from a reading of (Preiss, 2012) that the photographic project subject matter creates a great deal of entanglement between the author and family ancestors. This entanglement is fundamental to the theme being complicated and difficult to express. A reading of this reference has furnished the tools to disconnect from a deeply personal and difficult subject matter. At first, it seemed that the project could altogether complete as the attachment can now be broken and even a new project undertaken. Reasons now for keeping going are the development of the DNA theme of science as art, and not to mention the level of investment in the project.

The Video section in the list caused thought to be spent on the target audience and in particular highlighted audience limitations – not the younger (game playing) age group in this research.

If research bias is to move towards mitochondria then the visual language contextualization needed to be developed and so the first attempt during the FMP module. A feature of the new approach is there is no travel to southern Scotland for shooting the environment.

It was appropriate to reacquaint with the research skills of a) skim reading, b) scanning and c) close reading. The different reading skills would be essential given the number of reading materials that are currently being dealt with.


Preiss, I. T. (2012) Family Constellations Revealed. 2nd Editio. Antwerp, Belgium: Indra Torsten Preiss.

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