PHO705: Week 4 Reflection

These are my reflections on Week 4, the Week in which the Final Project Proposal was submitted to Canvas Assignment.

This is slightly back to front in that the assignment submission was Monday and so the remainder of the week saw other activities take place:

  1. Shoot 4 – a combination of healing and recording family archive images.
  2. WordPress restructuring took place and was a major overhaul.
  3. The P2P meeting was attended on Tuesday.

A 121 meeting has been booked to receive Proposal feedback from my Supervisor and eminent photographer Dr Wendy McMurdo.

Item 1 above was a very significant step forward in the development of new themes for the portfolio visual language and has been blogged here and here. This is the most important take-away point from the previous module, exhibition and portfolio. Acting early is key in order to avoid running out of time after Christmas. Something I reflected on afterwards when contextualising and in particular in following a podcast was the need to avoid, I feel, the move of primary focus towards a theme of NOSTALGIA. This needs unwrapping as it could in one sense become the project’s downfall. However, archive photography has proven its worth too and as well this is a time for experimentation. A second concern is around the idea that women have been portrayed in photography by men. This was pointed out in a podcast discussion with exciting, emerging women photographers Juno Calypso, Maisie Cousins and Sophie Green.

Item 2 WordPress activity became a major undertaking. The inspiration and resources were also blogged.

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