PHO705: Publishing your FMP – Case Study 1 (Dana Lixenberg)

This video provides a case study of Dana’s work. She started off with a commissioned piece for a newspaper. The quality of the portraiture led to funding to revisit the US over 20 years. The work culminated in a collaboration that resulted in a compelling presentation through the web.

The use of a large format 5 by 4 field camera made Dana’s work special and led to the making of beautiful large scale prints. I don’t think MA students would be expected to accomplish 20 years of success in 6 months remaining. However, it is worthwhile remembering where beautiful portfolio images can lead and so to be both motivated and aware of what can transpire. Our very best work we realise will not happen in a rush at the end of our studies but has to be built up over the months ahead. We need to have already begun.

The use of film would not work for me. At present, the only portraits I have come from the family archive as my work reaches back over a century.


Start early with our FMP project work and perhaps aim towards multiple ends: book, exhibition, web, audio, video as appropriate. We need to be focussed on online delivery of our assignments

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