Week 7 Guidance Photobooks

Week 7 Resources

Week 7 Webinar WIP

Week 7 Independent Reflection

Week 7 Activity Dummies

My first dummy in progress is on ISSUU at the moment:

Locks photobook dummy
This is purely for practice as it relates to the earlier Ed Ruscha challenge.
I’m working on the page imposition.
An update: I completed the imposition in Photoshop, having made up a model for the signatures and numbered them by hand. The action gave me a double-sided printing sequence. It was then down to the practical steps of making, which turned out well enough, especially for my first printed book. I haven’t had the heart to slice into the pages to guillotine the edges by hand cutting with a sharp blade. I particularly enjoyed picture matching and have two more of these books to make: one on chains as they form lovely catenary lines and make interesting junctures; the other is of phone entry systems I started to document after poking around Leicester Square hotel night entrances. I’d eventually hope to make a boxed set, for a bit more experience of making. I have to halt myself and get on with the other learnings available to us.

Week 7 Some Considerations

Week 7 Forum Sorting Images

So here I have new work rather than a collection of everything. As I write this I have a dummy practice book already made and once my module edit is ready I will repeat the making exercise. This is an A5 handmade book with kettle stitched signatures, case bound. For an A4 sized book, I would try perfect binding. This would be a good back up position, as it is easier to do the page sequencing (imposition).


My abstract images are halfway between photography and painting so take a while each to craft. This is the bottleneck I have had to contend with over the past several modules, but it has worked for me even if the project activity is backloaded. This can be quite pressured of course.


Week 7 Introduction Thinking About Pages

Although I’m an advocate of the library online books and other eBooks, my photography pile library is currently taking up room on my studio sofa, leaving insufficient space for rest. Grief, three more outcrops of piled books surround me. There is nothing in these piles to compare with the sort of publication I would make as the constraints of the MA Photography course seem to limit me to pamphlet-sized books.

I did this exercise already in one of the previous modules: https://michaelturnercrj.blog/2019/04/15/contextualisation/ (Links to an external site.)

I love books and have had to meter their use a bit more during the current module. I was starting to sound as if I’d swallowed a photographic dictionary!

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