PHO702: Week 7 Tutorials

Some asides (if these weren’t written about it would have seemed a rather sparse week – in fact, it was a really packed week)

Finally I’m back, after last week and the weekend away at the Falmouth Flexible Living Image meet-up and Symposium. On arriving back it was straight into a Module Leader briefing. Whilst away I did a boutique apartment shoot and gained feedback from the hotel owner.

Shot on B&W film, machine developed, scanned and processed – Michael Turner

About the apartment photos “they have inspired me to be a bit more experimental … Love the dressing gowns in the wardrobe especially and the bath”.

As noted in the past it is good to have a change from the abstract work, in a way to demonstrate to myself that I can handle a camera (or film camera in this case). Thanks to the Workshop support, it was possible then to go on and to use the craft and do the full end to end workflow – the return to materiality.

Reference: Ilford film processing summary on YouTube

Symposium – Twitter

Social Media was used to tweet the Symposium as @fotographical on #FFTheLivingImage on Twitter.

Tutor 1-2-1 Meeting

Due to non-availability and diary clash, I swapped Tutors for this and got back together with my original Tutor from the very first module.

Discussion was focussed on preparation of the video presentation due in 8 April for peer review. The process is staged like this: draft a new version of the Critical Review section 1 intent; then write-up sections 2, 3 and 4 positioning the work with references and giving it contextualisation. Review this along the way and use it as the basis of the video we need to submit.

Points picked in Tutor review were:

  • Include a quote in an early paragraph.
  • Include a “bad” image (to demonstrate being critical)
  • Include other practitioners

Read Representations of Trauma


Module Leader Review

A group of students had prepared two key images and statement of intent.

Here are my two images and Intent

Portfolio Abstract Impressionism

“Bravery and sad events unspoken. Remembering those who gave, through the glow that is life’s force.”

Michael Turner

Time for Concern
Of Physical Trauma ignored

Mitochondrial DNA fought for existence in the early days of life on Earth. My portfolio example is a trace of survival from those commemorated through self and close others alive today. Our mDNA: converts nutrients to energy; powers the cells that defend, heal and repair our bodies. And so we reflect light and emit the heat recorded here. We celebrate through true physical manifestation and our warmth that is life’s glow.

A Time for Celebration
Connected as Colour Emitted

Module Leader Office Hours – Briefing

I attended the Monday evening briefing and obtained direction over two upcoming meetings this week that required preparation.

The Critical Review … the Intention of my work is … in section 1 was discussed. No sooner said than done two images and draft were presented in a midweek review.

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