PHO702: Week 11 Practice and Preparation 2

Needless to say, effort turned to practice and preparation rather than blogging about it as three (heavy) assignments needed to be prepared.

As I discovered from earlier course modules, this is where the deadlines loom and as the work goes into the melting pot alongside the multitude of readings and course learnings then work starts to alter again. Up until this point in a module we have the luxury of testing out ideas in a reasonably relaxed manner, taking onboard as much review critique as is available. Suddenly, in a flash of inspiration the hard lessons are learned and put into practice. For my work this meant giving up flagship colour work infavour of black and white imagery that was getting increasingly better readings.

Also too, I find I the experts get to the point rather quickly and I now recognise the essence of advice where before I was confounded by my own personal interpretation. I’m glad to be changing in my outlook and as a result I at least feel I am making great strides in progress.

In the lead to this point I have engaged fully in the video presentations. At first I thought I was perhaps helping others and quickly began to realise that engagement was helping me as much as anyone else. I had so many reminders of recent lessons we’d been taught.

I did seem to get into a controversy at antoehr couple of places on the course. One involved views on censorship that I left open to different interpretation – you can’t do that without repercussion or should I say lively debate.

Another point of controversy related to a stubborn I suppose resistance to adopting ideas of Mark Rothko. What is was, was my work had become highly emotionally taxing at the beginning of the course and it was only through abstraction that I felt I could carry the work. Various superstitions had crossed my path and then I started to learn of those with highly creative minds who finally decided to depart this world through suicide. Whilst for example I appreciated the work of Mark Rothko, did I really want to follow in his steps when I prefer to create y ideas independently and did not want it affected by issues of suicide that in no way fitted with the spirit of those whom I relate to in my commemorative work.

Ultimately I needed to take inspiration from Rothko, and I remain satisfied that if my practice again becomes overwhelmingly taxing emotionally, I do have other projects I can turn to that are much less demanding in that respect.

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