PHO704: Week 8: Who buys photography? Part 1

Jumping ahead a little to Week 8 – I still have the previous week to blog – I was busy taking onboard review comments for the draft Oral presentation when two guest lectures popped up out of the blue. Well at least I’d not spotted either in the schedule until one was almost ended and the other had finished earlier that day. I put them on the back burner until the recordings became available. I was also engrossed in research on the contextual side. Susan Sontag in On Camera discussing art in terms of painting versus photography.

Week 8 Tell a Story

Commission: Promotion of local woodland walk.

Post the summer holiday period, promote getting out into the Autumn countryside. 

Setting off
Inner World
Homeward Bound

This is the sequence with the end collage update following comment by another student regarding the intent behind the final collage. I’d allowed an opening of dog with walker so needed to end on the them of returning home. I did this by including the spotty dogs in the final collage.

The alternative I considered was to drop the idea of dog walking and go for a much more subtle narrative of into the woods – within the woods – exiting the woods. Here is the original end collage:

Into the Open

In the end I considered the popularity that dog photographs are met with on the internet and parked the more subtle approach I’d had as often the viewer might not pickup on the subtleties. 

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