PHO704: Week 3: Digital Possibilities

Week 3: Update

I mentioned below doing a comparative campaign on Instagram, yet in the event, time was at a premium, so I took forward the Campaign Flyer approach.

I put the flyer out on Instagram (on a personal account @foto_graphical I have reserved for the serious photography items). I put the flyer out on my photography Facebook FaceBook

Beyond this, the image QR code references my portfolio site, where there is more background information. I then put out there a series of Abstract images that reflect my work made for this module.

Week 3: Digital Possibilities

Here we are Week 3 already, and a digital campaign is in the making. It will appear at foto_graphical on Instagram.

The campaign starts week commencing Monday 8th October 2018. Advance information leaked – campaign image in the making at present to be themed on Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment). There’s a proposed face off too, between a commemorative historical theme and a more rough and ready theme believed to play on the common mishap of the busted zipper #bustedzip – this won’t be as racey as it might seem (I hope).

The audience is targeted, of course. Various representative roles in the world of photography I’m bound to aim for (a requirement really of this weeks work), but, and there always has to be a but, I really target you all in a public campaign, and maybe there is some fun to be had. Who says learning has to be all serious? I suspect someone might just step in on that.

Campaign Case 1   Commemorative Historical

It would be great to air the build-up work for the project on this MA Photography course I’m thoroughly engrossed in. How good would that be? Well, no expectation here as the appeal is designed to simmer away and bring others their own link to relatives past in connection with a chosen event from history. While I major on narratives from the Great War, others can choose their event, probably something they heard a distant family member was tied to. Then they can discriminate amongst any close relatives and compare. It might be expected that they all feel (or reject) a connection with those in the past imagining equally right connections. However, the information supplied will allow them to determine who is a manifestation by mitochondrial DNA (mDNA) and X Chromosome and who amongst them switches to a different family line altogether – male blocking just won’t keep out of it.

Well, that’s the seriousness of the two cases.

Campaign Case 2 Popular (Trivia)

Why a second case. Again it is vital to contrast and compare. Hopefully, there is more to learn by this even if my motivation is to promote Case 1. I’m sure marketing professionals would recognise the approach.

With Case 2, it is just that the internet is awash with the popular, maybe that much-loved pet, cats photos are everywhere, aren’t they? Memes are popular too. So giving this campaign option a fair go it is bound to win, won’t it? What does winning mean in this context? Well more likes or follows on Instagram.

It is already out there the Busted Zipper. Type it into a search engine and straightaway the topic unfolds in all directions from memes to YouTube videos including handy tips on zipper repair.

The idea comes alive for me as a result of three recent coincidences:

  1. Railway station pick up, where a  suitcase bound with a belt had a good go at spilling personal effects on a platform and concourse.
  2. The wardrobe failure – yes, crawling around in the studio and a trouser zipper gave out. Why does one only notice on returning home? It must be that others see but are too polite to draw attention.
  3. Unpacking a wheelie case to find that although the little travel padlock was intact or should I say secure, the zipper track had burst open.

So that’s the narrative behind the choice of subject. How is this campaign going to work? I favour a hashtag competition, where followers outdo each other in hashtag creativity relating to the subject matter the Busted Zip #bustedzip.

I’ll seed the competition with examples: #embarrassed, #redface, etc

It’s an unabashed race to the most follows and likes.

There has got to be an educational purpose around all this, but why not too have a bit of fun and enjoy the campaign competition? That’s a rhetorical question by the way.

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