Week 6 Draft Oral Presentations (live presentations for formative feedback)

Draft Version of my Oral Presentation

At last, my draft presentation is ready to view and is available here:: Oral Presentation

Further refinement is necessary to shorten the play length by 40 seconds and to rebuild the file with lower resolution photographs to get the filesize down.

The present draft shows an audio symbol throughout and serves to mark this for me as an early draft.

Beginnings – I came back to photography later on

Experimenting with media, a TEST ONLY file Beginnings been made ahead of the review presentations and serves to explain how I was gripped by photography.

Love is Real Not Fade AwayGreiving

IMG_0852The following link Taster is an end to end production TEST ONLY at this early stage, ahead of the review of our presentations.


Some media have been combined that provide a 30s clip relating to the project. Now I’ve tested out the tools on desktop and have worked out the linkages and controls I can now focus on incorporating salient content.
I was asked to write a related piece, a conversation recalled from many years ago about the subject of my new project. I place the text here alongside the Taster video. The length of text means it will be excluded from the Oral.

I wrote this:

Scottish Roll of Honour, Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle
circa 1976. On the return home and now with my Father, and him talking about the visit I’d just made there. The Memorial is a great outpouring of the Scottish people for the many relatives lost in the War.

Did you see the book?
Their names are listed there.
I went with my Mother when I was just a young boy. We looked through so many pages. And found both their names, Richard Cosh death 29 Nov 1914 The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) Pte, and Adam Cosh death 19 Jul 1918 The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) A/Sgt.
It was a long time ago and I didn’t know them. We’d never met.
I’d only heard my Mother talk about the boys. The Brothers that died in the War.
I went back once to see them again. It was with your Mother.
The book was still there and we found them. We saw their names.

… about Richard and Adam Cosh, The Black Watch Regiment (Royal Highlanders).
“The souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and there shall no torment touch them.”

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