Ginko slow walk with Haiku narration

Year 03

Ginko slow walk

A walk took place in London’s East End near Brick Lane on the Saturday corresponding to St Georges Day, the 23 April 2022

Latest Update

Following the walk an early edit of work was published on Instagram as images begun pouring off of the creative production line. Some early attempts at writing three line 5-7-5 syllable poetry was made.

On the day concerned, I quickly learned that a slow walk gave me endless opportunites to reframe.

In essence this work explains why I reframed.

Close observation of the scene made me want to retake almost every photograph. High quality images resulted but, I did not favour one over the other.

I combine the frames into one and gain a benefit from video of generating a visual narrative. I was prompted to write Haiku poetry and so use this as text to explain the unconventional results. I did so by exception but to me this was part of the magic.

French school post structuralist ideas were allowed to creep in. In particular through the ideas published by Jacques Derrida. Specifically on deconstruction and Phantasmagoria.

I put together a selection of the early images with some newer unpublished ones and printed them all off. Photography is not the same without this step. A PDF was created with a view to aligning text with my edit in order to send them over to the editor of the proposed book.

I exceeded the requested number of images 4 – 6 with or without Haiku by sending in 9 images with Haiku.

It would be fantastic if the book editor replaced the Haiku with something less naive i.e. than my work as a beginner.

Blog Refresh Planning


Blog Maintenance 2022-05-01

Repair has been performed clearing a page jitter which was caused by one of the plugins and had rendered the blog unreadable.

The block editor has been enhanced using block and page Templates being made available by installing a new plug in called Extendify which is used on this post for the first time.

This freshens up the blog in appearance at a time when new material is ready to be added and the earlier posts are due an edit.

New work

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