Abstract Photography

From a taught session on photographers who practice abstract photography. A practical interlude took place. This post serves simply as a reminder of a day’s education.

There was a lot to do with names in photography with examples of their work or their book publication was mentioned.

Albert Dros – abstract landscape

Michel Kenna – long exposure landscape

William Egglestone – Egglestone’s Guide

Aaron Siskind

Minor White

Cig Harvey

Edwards Weston – Day books of Edward Weston

Eric Meala

Practical session images

Jocelyn Lee

Man Ray

Thomas Ruff – Transforming Photography

Wolfgang Tillmans – Tillmans 2017

Valerie Belin – Pris Pictet

Daido Moriyama

Previous attendee Stan Farrow FRPS had his fellowship panel shown ‘Graffitti’

Charlotte Cotton

Example images made during the practical session:

Introduction to Photographic Histories 29/6/2020 to 27/7/2020

Run by the Photographers Gallery over 5 Monday evenings this overlapped and gave a different slant to learning on the MA and was an opportunity to refresh knowledge gained.

Week 1: Origin stories of photography

Week 2: Blurred lines, clear visions: Movements of 20thC photography and their legacies

Week 3: Portraiture and Identity

Week 4: Beyond Evidence: Documentary photography

Week 5: Expanded photographic practices

Source 2020 Graduate Show

Source provides wider industry exposure of graduate work. My Falmouth University MA Photography project ”Past-Present a mythology of time” is being submitted.

My submission is made in the STAGED/CONSTRUCTED category.

Commemorative work Past Present ends a century of silence held in sadness for ancestors who were repeatedly wounded in battle, and were never to return home from war. In this work, present day images of healing are transformed into visualisations of place. Human connection is amplified as memory is created from a biology shared. As art inspired by cutting edge science, work has been made for individuals bound by the mother line gene. Bonds that were missing, now begin to form. Pictures shown are a selection from an artist’s book, that also includes poetry and prose with these and vernacular images from a family’s past. The book was originally created as part of a Falmouth Flexible MA Photography programme.

The digital version of the artist’s book is located at https://issuu.com/turnerphotoart/docs/past-present_a_mythology_of_time_a4_book_200428

Eight images submitted.

Landings 2020 Metamorphosis

I was pleased to engage in Landings again this year. A portfolio link was provided to www.landings.space. My work can be found under my name Michael Turner by scrolling down the list of 63 participants.

A short-cut is to click directly on the portfolio website link https://www.michaelmturnerphotography.com/fmppastprsentpre-edit

The opening party was on the evening of Monday 27 July 2020 where a series of interviews were conducted on Instagram using Live Video.

Unfortunately I was engaged with The Photographers Gallery in a mock judging of this years Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2020.

The four artists shortlisted for the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2020 are:

Mohamed Bourouissa;

Anton Kusters;

Mark Neville and

Clare Strand.