PHO701: Research – Contextual

Write-up responses to what you have seen, read or watched
Reading list: Photography Changes Everything


So really here, some notes to self in ramping up this area of the CRJ. The discussion below leads to a diagrammatic representation when capturing context.

Leaving behind the Positions and Practice Module and moving forward into the second module, Sustainable Prospects, I need to develop this area of the blog.

I had begun with notes I kept in word-processed files and that were made purely for my own interest and as such they were not of a publishable standard without further work. I’ve used the first module to setup a blog and get used to it’s structure and operation which we were allowed to do as the CRJ was not initially a marked assignment where now it is becoming so.

My moving from a scientific and management background into arts education will and has required a period of adaption especially as a number of the terms are unfamiliar, not only as definitions of the scope of what we need to write about, but also as a practice, these are areas that seemed unfamiliar to me, until I stopped to think through what the purpose might be.

I guess in my earlier design work with systems and processes, there is a way of working that entails the creation of a Context Diagram (CORE is an example although it was used for capturing COmmon REquirements). Perhaps at a philosophical level, the thinking approach is not too different between system thinking and the arts? If I proceed with the concepts I know and build on or adapt them for this course as required. It is a way of starting, meaning I can offer something forward and it can be reasonably structured and give Tutors or others scope to decide if my approach satisfies what is normally expected, without my going overboard.